A to Z Bible Guide on Life


A to Z Bible Guide on Life reminds us with some practical guidelines and scriptures as to what we need to do to defeat Satan. It does not matter if you are Angry, Sad or Depressed, you can change things around by learning to live by God's word rather than Satan's lies. If you enjoy the book, please don't forget to leave positive feedback.



What My Heart Desires



What My Heart Desires lets you know what can happen when you live your life solely through negative emotions. You end up with a life filled with lies, betrayal, deceit and deception. Follow the life of a woman who believed she had it all together when in reality she was just following What Her Heart Desires.



Love, Life and Kingdom


Love, Life and Kingdom is a powerful and passionate collection of poetry written by Author and Director Julian Vaughan Hampton. These poems reflect who we were, who we are and celebrate who we are destined to become. The poetry taps into the physical, emotional and spiritual position of the heart.