My name is Ann Hampton and I am a Child of "God", Minister, Devoted Wife, 

Mother, Author, Business Woman and Consultant

I am also a member of The Non-Fiction Author's Association


I began writing and selling lyrics to local groups at a very early age to make some extra money.  I knew nothing about having anything copy-writed or published. I simply felt that I was doing great that people would pay me $25 to $50 Dollars for some words that they could put to music. I often think about with the right guidance where I would be now. I also wrote several books but never thought to have anything published. I wrote for fun and relaxation.


I would dream entire stories and tell them to my husband who encourage me to step out on faith and begin a professional writing career. Having a love and passion for writing at the time I took his advice.


I did great for a while and then gave everything up because of personal setbacks in my life.


After a long hiatus, I've decided to revive my writing again.

My first book, "What My Heart Desires" is a book of Passion, Lust and Desire.

My current book A to Z Bible Guide on Life touches on Life issues.

I hope you enjoy reading both books just as much as I enjoyed writing them for you.


Ann M. Hampton, P.S. D.D.

Lasting Impression Books